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Why You Need To Sell Put Options Right Now!

I'm not sure why everyone isn't selling put options.

Maybe it's just because most people don't know about it.

What I do know, is that if you're not selling put options, then you're leaving lots of money on the table (you're missing out!).

Where else can you get paid cash upfront in exchange for your promise to buy something cheaper than where it is today?

I know of none, except in the options markets.

That's what we're doing at The Smart Option Seller. We're getting paid for our promise to buy a stock we want at a price we want. We don't enter any trades unless it's to our advantage.

Are you getting paid?

For example, Walt Disney (DIS) is trading at $100 per share.

You'd rather buy it at $85 per share. What can you do?

You can sell a put option contract with a strike price of $85 that expires in April 2018 and immediately receive $100.

Why would someone pay you $100?

Because you're agreeing to buy DIS for $85 per share between now and April 2018, and even though it's trading at $100 per share now, someone thinks it could fall in price below $85 and they want you to be there to buy it from them at that time (if it actually falls that far).

To you, that's fine, because buying DIS at $85 would be a great place to get in, and you're willing to swap your agreement to receive the upfront cash payment of $100 today.

Sound intriguing? Want more information on how it works? Get our free Put-Selling Basics guide, or watch one of my older video tutorials. The strategy is timeless and can work on any stock at any time.

Ask us any questions you have. Contact us here, or leave a comment on this post.

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