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Smart Option Seller Intensive Put-Selling Webinar

Put-option selling has become one of the most popular of the mainstream option trading strategies.


Because it offers an incredible opportunity to collect upfront instant cash, while at the same time offering huge probabilities for success and profit.

Lee Lowell, the founder and creator of The Smart Option Seller, has been trading options for over 30 years, and has been running successful advisories since 2008.

Put-selling has gotten much attention the last few years, especially during the lock-down of the Covid-19 pandemic, where millions of new at-home "traders" have been trying their hand at options trading.

But as many of them found, it's hard work!

Lee started a one-on-one coaching service in March 2020 in response to this influx of new traders, and has received amazing feedback.


And although he offers this individual training, he has decided to open up a new setting to teach his specialty of put-option selling in a group format, due to high demand.

His goal is to have all students walk away with a newfound knowledge of an amazing trading method.

Selling put options is Lee Lowell's bread and butter, and it has helped to grow his own portfolio over the last 30 years.  He now regularly imparts that knowledge onto new students all the time.

Here's some of the feedback Lee has received:

As someone who has been investing for 15 years, there could not of been a better mentor/teacher than Lee Lowell. There are many stock trading car salesman out there, however, Lee is the real deal. He taught me aspects of my options investing system that helped me to sharpen the sword! Iron sharpens iron! - Ben H.

Thanks Lee, I found your one-on-one coaching extremely valuable - and I recommend it to others who are seeking to fast-track their option trading skills.  - Mark W.

If you are just starting out learning about options, Lee Lowell is a great resource!  He explains the concepts in an easy, stress free way that makes you excited to start trading.  If your goal is to take your option trading to a more advanced level, Lee excels at that too. Highly recommend! - Archer K.

If you're ready to take advantage of this amazing option strategy and start putting new profits into your own portfolio, then let Lee's new group setting format put you on the right path.  He will have new (and veteran) investors sit down with him (virtually) and become put-selling experts themselves.

An intensive, deep-dive into what Lee calls the "greatest option trading strategy of all time".

How Does The Webinar Work?

It's simple.

You will be part of a group via Zoom where Lee will teach and give all the ins and outs on how he performs the strategy. 

You will learn:

- How to pick the stocks: chart analysis & pertinent websites

- How to pick the options: out-of-the-money, at-the-money, or in-the-money

- How to pick the expiration dates: short-term or long-term

- Calculating profit/loss: easy math

- Calculating probabilities of profit: probability calculator

- Entering the trades: broker platform

- How to read option chains: broker platform

- How to repair a trade gone bad: (rolling)

- How to take assignment of the shares

- How to collect even more income after assignment: covered calls (The Wheel)

- How to take profits early

- And so much more!

And the best part?  Lee will answer all of your questions before the session is done.

He knows what people have on their minds and understands what you need to learn.

Be prepared to spend upwards of three hours for the session, maybe a little less, maybe a little more.

Here's What You'll Get:

- A 3-hour Zoom put-selling webinar with Lee ($1,500 USD value)

- A follow-up one-hour webinar with Lee to go over any lingering questions ($500 USD value)

- 30-day FREE access to his flagship put-selling newsletter & members-only website ($89 USD value) 

- 30-day FREE mobile phone text alerts - U.S. & Canada only ($29 USD Value)

- 30-day FREE access to his highly sought after probability calculator ($9 USD value)

- Lifetime FREE access to his put-selling Excel P&L and Trade Tracker spreadsheets (priceless!)  

- Lifetime FREE access to the webinar recording (priceless!)

- Discounted annual rate to his flagship newsletter, if desired, ($200 USD discount)

The date for the webinar is Wednesday May 17, 2023 at 7pm EST, and the follow-up session is one week later on May 24, 2023 at 7pm EST. 


The cost is $497 USD.  


All told, that is $1,630 USD off the individual retail prices, which is an insane 76% discount.   

Lee's goal is to not have price be a deterrent, and wants you walking away a confident and intelligent put-option seller.  One of his greatest gratifications is the responses and thank-you emails he receives from his students.  That's what keeps him going.  And he's looking forward to getting one from you, as well.

In order to move forward and reserve your spot, just fill out the information in the form below.  You will receive follow-up emails with more details.

Be warned though - there is a limited amount of spots and it's a limited-time only webinar, as Lee has not decided if he will hold any future sessions.  If you've been on the fence about learning from a 30+ year veteran about one of the highest probability option strategies, then don't delay in signing up.

That's it!

Bring your great attitude and be prepared to learn a lifetime of knowledge in just a few short hours. 


Lee is looking forward to meeting you. 

Any questions can be directed to us on our Contact page.

To begin the process of signing up for the intensive seminar, please sign up below.

Please note - due to all the upfront information and included items Lee is providing, there will be no refunds offered, so please make sure the webinar is right for you.  We feel confident that receiving a refund will be the last thing on your mind.

Thank you!

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