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Free! Put-Selling Basics E-Book


Options trading can be hard, especially for the newcomer.



Because most newcomers buy options contracts, and in order to be profitable, they need to pick the right direction of the stock, and make sure it gets to a certain level by a certain date.

That's a major obstacle, and one that's extremely difficult to do on a consistent basis.

But there are certain option trading strategies that offer a HUGE buffer for directional error.  Meaning, if the stock moves the wrong way, you can still make a profit on the option trade.

That's amazing!

How is it done?


By being an option seller!


If you'd like to learn more about this specific, easy, and successful option trading strategy, sign up for our FREE e-book at the bottom of this page.  It details a simple method that not only boasts a very high-win rate, but one that offers a steady upfront income stream, as well. 


Our current readers love it, and are using it to collect to cash each month.  See what they have to say:

Hi Lee!

I just wanted to send you a message and say thank you for such a great and informative read in Put Selling Basics. The way you explain selling puts and comparing it with just simply purchasing equities has created such a eye-opening experience.  - Angelo V.

First I want to tell you h
ow unbelievable your guide mentioned above is! I have read everything imaginable over the past year and nothing comes close to your clear & thorough writing. So, once again, thank you! - Troy T.

Dear Mr. Lee Lowell,


I am writing this email to express my heartfelt gratitude for sharing your teaching materials on selling put options. I am extremely thankful for your generosity in sending across the materials to me.


Your teaching materials were exceptionally informative and helpful. The strategies you outlined were easy to follow and understand. I was able to gain a deeper understanding of the selling put option strategy, which will undoubtedly help me in my investment decisions. - Chai T.

HI Lee,


Thank you so much for the link, I have downloaded it. I really appreciated it. Your youtube channel is the one that makes me understand and put into practice. Your teaching is the best. God Bless! - Monica B.


In this free 27-page e-book, Lee breaks down the basics of put-option selling and why it's such a profitable strategy.  This is a great guide for beginners and veterans. 


Learn how to sell put options successfully, add more income to your bottom line, and engage in trades with extremely high probabilities of profit.  This is the basis for the Smart Option Seller newsletter and the key to Lee's success for more than three decades.


Just enter your name and email address in the box below and we'll send you a copy.  It's free!  Plus, we'll also alert you to any future Smart Option Seller news.

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