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The Smart Option Seller Newsletter

Putting The Odds Of Success On Your Side!

If buying options, especially out-of-the-money (OTM) options, has failed you time and time again, then it's time to consider an option-selling strategy.

It's extremely hard to predict not only a stock's direction, but how far it will travel, and in what time frame it will get there.  That's what you're doing when buying option contracts.  And its failure rate is incredibly high.


Selling options, on the other hand, does not have all those constraints.  It's very possible to turn a profit even if you guess the stock's direction incorrectly.  That's a game-changer right there!


Lee Lowell runs an incredibly successful put-option selling newsletter called (funny enough) The Smart Option Seller.

Why does he call it that?

Because that's what he aims to do for his members - turn them into smart option sellers.

And not just any old option sellers, but put-option sellers.  That's what he does best.

His newsletter only discusses extremely high probability ideas, many of which have a 90%-100% chance of winning.  In fact, his newsletter has finished with extremely high win rates since inception in 2017.

Buying options contracts has a horrible win rate (high loss rate), that's why Lee focuses on option-selling strategies.  


Take a look at his public Track Record.  

In fact, buying put options in the stock market has such a bad record, even the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) did a 3-year study on it.  See the results below:


Seriously?  How can anyone expect to succeed when option buying loses up to 95% of the time?  You can't!  The numbers don't lie, and that's why Lee is an option seller.  And you should be too.


If you've been frustrated with your own trading results and are looking for a newsletter that will offer ideas on how to enter, navigate and use put-option selling profitably, then it is in your best interest to sign up for Lee's service.

Lee offers ideas on exactly which stocks to consider, which strike prices to consider, which expiration months to consider, and what price (premium) that could be attained by selling the put option.

And when it's time to close the trade, he tells you exactly what to consider, again. 


This is different from many other newsletter editors that leave you flying blind.  They will just give you a list of stocks or options to trade and call it a day.  No entry points, no updates, no exit points.  That's not right!


Lee uses his 30+ years of experience in the options markets to successfully guide you through the process, from start to finish.  The ultimate hand-holding experience. 

He will never let you feel confused or unsure of what to do.  That is one of the things his readers love best about him - he is super attentive.  Read some of the comments below:


...Thanks for the great job you do, and I really appreciate all you do. It is indeed a privilege and rewarding to be working with you. God bless.  - Joe 


I love your service. Over the years you have spoiled me!
Best Regards, - Frank S.


Thanks for your excellent clear easy to understand education in selling OTM put options Regards Linda H​


Thanks for all you do.  You are a great asset for us.  JZ


I love your service. It's the one I have the most fun with. Thanks. - Barry D.


hi lee since first subscribing to your original newsletter about 5 years ago i have learned so much from you. you are an excellent teacher. - Rich H.


I like very much what you are currently doing for us. Your put option selling program is almost fool proof. - Harry E.


I appreciate all your support and genuine interest for Us, I'm very proud to be part of your team and be mentorship by you. - Eduardo E.




Your one in a million. Thanks for this and thanks for your smartoption program. - Ronald H.


You are the only one I trust for this type of trading. Thank you. - Kimble O.


You are the best and 100 % HONEST person out there in the shark world. You lay it straight and clean with no nonsense. You teach and explain so clearly. In the manner and the way you write and communicate with us, you actually make me feel your care and concern for us. - R. P.


Lee you’re a good man. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us and therefore having opportunities to make our lives better financially.

Wishing you many blessings during this holiday season and beyond to you and your family. - Denis M.


You are an EXCELLENT teacher, Lee... and an entertaining one as well!  Thank you for everything! - Darryl D.


You can read many more comments like this in the Testimonials

There's nothing quite like collecting these upfront cash payments that continually pad your trading account month after month.

And in the very rare occasion, you may even end up buying a high quality stock at an extremely cheap price.  That's a good thing!

Lee says that stock and option trading all comes down to probability.  You want to have the highest probability of profit on your side, and option-selling gives you that.  Most of his ideas have upwards of 95% probabilities of winning.  It's hard to beat a newsletter that can offer that.

Buying a stock has no better than 50/50 odds.  Selling put options the way that Lee does, gives much better chances to win - up to 95%, or higher!

If you've been struggling in the market with stock plays that just don't work out, or have been buying options contracts that continually expire worthless, then it's time to discover how put-option selling can help.

Lee's ultimate goal is to help you make money in the market, while giving you the foundation and education on a great strategy that you can utilize for years to come.

Here's what you can expect to gain from Lee's newsletter:

  • Knowledge of a high probability winning strategy

  • How to generate a new income source

  • How to put immediate cash into your account

  • How to potentially buy stocks on the cheap

  • How to time the trades for better entry

  • How to take profits early

  • How to negotiate better premiums

These are just some of the incredible benefits you can achieve from selling put options.


Come join us!

Here's how the newsletter works *(important - please note the refund & renewal policies below, which is strictly enforced): 

We offer two different options (pun intended!) to subscribe to Lee's Smart Option Seller newsletter: monthly or annual.  Either payment method gives the same exact content.   

Why sign up?  Because it is focused exclusively on selling naked put options and collecting upfront cash on the highest quality stocks.  

It is a very conservative type of service in terms of the put option ideas that are generated.  This means the premiums received might be seen as "small" compared to other methods.

This is done for a reason.  We want every member to get comfortable with the types of ideas we offer in the most stress-free and safe environment.  Have a look at the public Track Record to see the results.  

Once the member understands how put-selling works, they can tweak the ideas to meet their risk thresholds and parameters.  We have many members doing just that, and are having great success.

And due to popular demand, we have also instituted an extra unofficial & optional idea with each new official idea.  These unofficial ideas consist of higher payouts, but with larger risk.  The reader can determine whether it is right for them and within their risk parameters.  Lee will not follow nor track these unofficial ideas, but he is offering them to give the readers more "options" (pun intended, again!) 


Make no mistake - this is NOT a day-trading, swing-trading, or get-rich-quick newsletter.  If you are looking for that kind of hyper-active newsletter, please don't sign up with us.


We aim for slow & steady.  Hitting singles, not home-runs. 

To get an idea of what a Smart Option Seller "alert" looks like, just click on this Sample Issue.


A subscription (annual or monthly) to Lee's Smart Option Seller gives you: 

One to three email "alerts" per week consisting of either new naked put-sell ideas (official & unofficial), market updates, or Q&A sessions. 

On average, we will have two to three new ideas per month, sometimes more, sometimes less.  It is very market-dependent, and we won't offer ideas just for the sake of offering ideas.  That's the fastest way to give your money away.  Only make a move when conditions are right.  We stick to that philosophy.


The ideas will provide the stock, strike price, expiration date, and the premium prices to shoot for on both the opening and closing sides.

Phone text alerts are also available.  This feature offers an advanced notice that a message from Lee will be hitting your email shortly (currently only in U.S & Canada for now)

Payment Policy

​Stripe is our payment processor. You can pay with almost any credit card.

*Important - Billing is automatic each year or month (depending on your plan) until you notify us to cancel.   

You must read our Disclaimer and agree to Smart Option Seller, LLC's Terms of Use on the checkout page before buying this product.

Return & Refund Policy

We want your time with Lee's newsletter to be both educational and profitable, so please be sure that it is the right fit for you.  If you need clarification on anything, just send an email!

Both the annual and monthly subscriptions come with a 30-day trial period.  If cancelled within 30 days, we will return your payment minus a $49 USD trial fee.​​  

*Important - annual and monthly charges will happen automatically.  Please be aware of your renewal dates. 

Pro-rations will not be given after 30 days for an annual subscription, so please plan accordingly.  If a refund is requested in any subsequent annual renewal period within the first 30 days of renewal, we will refund the charge minus any Stripe fees, which is typically $40 USD, depending on your geographic location.

The monthly subscription can be cancelled at any time.

Shipping Method​​

Newsletter will be sent via email.

Contact us with any questions!​

Click one of the choices below for either the Annual or Monthly plan.  Both offer the same content.  Once this form is filled out, you will be taken to a separate Stripe check-out page for payment.  Super simple!

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The Smart Option Seller Newsletter - Annual 

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The Smart Option Seller Newsletter - Monthly

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