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Purchase The Smart Option Seller Probability Calculator

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Our highly sought-after probability calculator is now available to the general public.


Using a probability calculator can greatly increase your awareness of the odds of a certain stock reaching a certain threshold by a certain date.


That in itself is a great trading tool, as it can help increase the profitability of your trades.


How?  By keeping you out of trades that have very low probabilities of profit (like option-buying).


As option-sellers, we can have upwards of 95% (or more) odds of winning, meaning, the stock WON'T reach the intended target.  That's how option sellers win.


All it takes is less than a minute to input the form fields, and you'll then have an idea of how your trade can work out.  It's definitely a tool that you want to have on your side.


The calculator is available to use for a monthly fee.

password will be issued to the user and can change periodically.  When it does, the user will receive an email from us.

Once purchased (using the form below), you will receive an email from us with the password and the link to access the calculator.

Instructions on how to use the calculator will be on the password-protected page.

Payment is through Paypal but you do not need a Paypal account.  If you don't have a Paypal account, please choose the guest check-out.

Thank you for your purchase. 

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