One-On-One Coaching With Lee Lowell

Trading options can be extremely lucrative.

But it can also be confusing, overwhelming,

and intimidating, when just starting out.

Having a guide or mentor to help fast-track your

learning curve is a great way to level the playing

field in a much shorter time frame.

One-on-one coaching sessions can do exactly that.

Smart Option Seller has recently launched a coaching

service due to the high volume of requests from our readers

for more help and education.  Lee is very excited to start this new service.  


Lee will draw on his 30 years of experience and can discuss anything options-trading related, from the beginner to advanced.  You choose!

Listen to what our students are saying:

“As someone who has been investing for 15 years, there could not of been a better mentor/teacher than Lee Lowell. There are many stock trading car salesman out there, however, Lee is the real deal. He taught me aspects of my options investing system that helped me to sharpen the sword! Iron sharpens iron!” - Ben H.

"Thanks Lee, I found your one-on-one coaching extremely valuable - and I recommend it to others who are seeking to fast-track their option trading skills."  - Mark W.

"As a corporate lawyer, I'm used to learning new things and always loved the challenge. But learning the ins and outs of the stock market and especially options trading is unlike anything I've learned before. I think this is because trading is very emotional, erratic and somewhat irrational.


Lee helped me become a more calm and confident trader. He is undoubtly one of the most knowledgeable and experienced traders I have ever met. Couple this with his patience and his ability to explain complex charts in layman's terms made him the perfect one on one coach for me. I would highly recommend Lee to new and experienced traders!" - Monica L.

Hi Lee,


It was great meeting you as well and I left the call feeling very positive about the long term prospects for earning income from options, so Thank you! 


My key takeaways were the insights on strike price  20-30% below current price, using the probability calculator and volatility concepts. Really increased my confidence!   


In the meanwhile, practicing what I learned from you,  looking forward to learn more on reducing risk and starting trading with real $'s soon. - Arlene M.

If you are just starting out learning about options, Lee Lowell is a great resource!  He explains the concepts in an easy, stress free way that makes you excited to start trading.  If your goal is to take your option trading to a more advanced level, Lee excels at that too. Highly recommend! - Archer K.

Hi Lee,

Great to meet and chat as well, you are an incredible resource and your calm demeanour is reassuring!

- Michael T.

Hello Lee,

Thank you very much for providing me the basics of option trades in the training session yesterday. 

I know it will take a bit of time to get familiar with options and understand the technical terms, it is a challenging but a very interesting additional income option that I want to learn. 


I believe the way I started with you in an one on one coaching is the best approach right now.  I found very good reviews about you and I like your conservative way to work with options.


Thank you very much. I look forward to speaking with you again by the end of the month or before.

- Diana C. 



Thank you for explaining covered calls to me and the power of using a probability calculator when choosing my strike price and expiration date. I highly recommend Lee to anyone looking to gain a deep level understanding of options. As traders our goal is to be quicker, smarter, know more about options than our competition, and I sincerely believe that Lee can provide you with all the necessary tools to make you a consistently profitable trader. - Ray K.

Lee has been great at educating me on selling put options that are lucrative and conservative. 

I started selling put options in the past year and Lee has been an important component of my success.  His knowledge really comes through and each newsletter shares new insights not only into the recommended put option but to the market as a whole.  He has made himself available for coaching and help to ramp up my knowledge and saved me from a few errors I would have made otherwise.  Highly recommend his newsletter and services -  Joe F.

Thanks, Lee. I really learned a lot. I already have more questions - Jim M.

Hi Lee, It was a pleasure for us to meet with you for an actual face to face chat.  After speaking with you via the One on One call you reinforced to us that we couldn’t be in better hands for someone to mentor us thru the learning curve of Options trading. - John C.


Here are more details of how the lessons will operate and what can be accomplished. 


Topics of discussion can include:

  • Basics of call & put options

  • Option pricing

  • Option volatility

  • How to pick the proper strike price

  • Profit & loss scenarios

  • Strategies - both buying and selling

  • Defensive & repair strategies

  • The Greeks

  • Probability analysis

  • Simple charting indicators

  • Beneficial websites


And anything else that truly interests you.  It is very open-ended.


The one thing Lee cannot do though, is offer individual advice on which trade to take or what to do with current positions in your own portfolio.


All other pertinent information will be shown via examples and hypotheticals.  You can then take that information and apply it on your own if you wish.


We use Zoom as our means of communication.  We're sure many of you are either hearing about, or using Zoom in your own work right now due to the current situation.  We find Zoom to be very stable and easy.  


What you will need on your end is either a built-in or external webcam, and a microphone (built-in or external).  If you don't have a webcam, you will still be able to see Lee, but he won't be able to see you.  A microphone is definitely needed to hear both of you.  Lee will also share his screen to show examples and how to set up the trades.

Each session will be recorded for future reference and will last roughly 60 minutes.


The current cost is $500 per session.  But because of the unusual circumstances surrounding the coronavirus, it will be $250 for the time being.  

If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to ask.  We can be reached here.


Lee's availability is weeknights Mon-Thurs at 8pm or 9:15pm EST.  You can use Calendly (click on it) to pick your preferred date/time.  Very simple!


A day before your session, we will send a standard waiver for you to sign and send back, along with a fee invoice to pay beforehand.


We thank you for considering a coaching session with Lee Lowell, and we know he will do as much as possible to help you get to the next level with your options trading education.

Details about one-on-one coaching sessions
One-On-One Coaching


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