Lee Lowell currently runs two newsletters - The Smart Option Seller and The Vertical Spread Trader.  Below are their yearly performances.

Smart Option Seller Newsletter Track Records


SOS Track Record2021.jpg

2020 Part I

SOS Track Record2020.jpg

2020 Part II

SOS Track Record2020 Part II.jpg
2019 Part I
SOS Track Record2019 Part I.jpg
2019 Part II
SOS Track Record2019 Part II.jpg


track record 2018.jpg

Vertical Spread Trader Newsletter Track Record

vst track record 2021.jpg
2020 Part I
vst track record 2020(2).jpg

2020 Part II

vst track record 2020 Part II.jpg
vst track record 2019(2).jpg

               Instant Money Trader Track Record

        Lee Lowell ran an extremely successful put-option selling service from 2008-2016.  Below is the track record. 

Click the PDF below.