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Still trying to figure out how to make money with option-buying strategies?


It's hard, right?

Not only do option buyers have to predict where a stock may be headed, but they have to pick the exact date that it will happen. 


And considering most option buyers hold the trade until expiration, many of them lose out on the opportunity to take early profits.


I'll bet that if you've bought options in the past, you've let them expire worthless even though you had the opportunity to cash out earlier in the trade.  Right?


Having to guess the exact price a stock will finish at on expiration day is an incredibly tough task.  One that almost no investor or trader can do consistently.  But for the most part, that's the only way option buyers can make a profit.

On the other hand, option sellers don't have that pressure.




Because the stock can finish within a large range of prices and still produce a profit.


Option buyers don't have that luxury. 


If you are frustrated with the high loss rate that option-buying trades yield, then it's time to consider another option-selling tactic.

Lee's service - Vertical Spread Trader - harnesses the power of an option credit spread's high probability of success, and combines it with its limited-risk feature.  Together, it gives a very powerful and safe way to make money in the options markets.

Vertical Spread Trader newsletter is solely focused on selling put option credit spreads - one of the best ways to take advantage of time decay and an up-trending market.

Due to the sheer fact that the stock market spends more time going up than down, selling put option credit spreads can create profits much more quickly in that type of environment.

As stocks go up, put option prices go down.  That's how money is made when selling put option credit spreads.

And during the short times of declining markets, Lee's got you covered, as his ideas only use out-of-the-money (OTM) strike prices to give Vertical Spread Trader the downside cushion needed to weather the storm.

Just like Lee's Smart Option Seller newsletter, Vertical Spread Trader only concentrates on the highest quality stocks - ones that have a long history of profitability and a solid track record.  There's no reason to pick dubious companies or high fliers.  Stick with the best, and you will be rewarded.  

If you have not been successful as an option buyer (single options or spreads), Vertical Spread Trader can offer that combination of directional cushion and high win rate.  Many people don't know that selling options is very forgiving when directional assessment and/or timing is off.  Buying options does not afford that comfort.


Vertical Spread Trader offers its members multiple ideas per month, each with a limited-risk/limited-reward opportunity.  There's no worrying about large downside losses, as option credit spreads have a built-in safety feature.  And, it works just as well with high-priced stocks and low-priced stocks.  

Once sign-up is completed, you will have access to the Members-Only area that contain Lee's Quick-Start Guide/Primer, How-To Videos, Current Portfolio, & Archives.

Here's how the newsletter works: *(important - please note the refund & renewal policies below, which is strictly enforced):

We offer two different options (pun intended!) to subscribe to Lee's Vertical Spread Trader newsletter: monthly or annual.  Either payment method gives the same exact content.   

Why sign up?  Because it is focused exclusively on selling put-option credit spreads and collecting upfront cash on the highest quality stocks.  

It is a very conservative type of service in terms of the put-option spread ideas that are generated.  This means the premiums received might be seen as "small" compared to other methods.

This is done for a reason.  We want every member to get comfortable with the types of ideas we offer in the most stress-free and safe environment.  Have a look at the public Track Record to see the results.

Once the member understands how put-option credit spreads work, they can tweak the ideas to meet their risk thresholds and parameters.  We have many members doing just that, and are having great success.

And due to popular demand, we have also instituted an extra unofficial & optional idea in addition to the official idea.  These ideas consist of higher payouts, but with less cushion against directional error.  The reader can determine whether it is right for them and within their risk parameters.  Lee will not follow nor track these unofficial ideas, but he is offering them to give the readers more "options" (pun intended, again!)   

Make no mistake - this is NOT a day-trading, swing-trading, or get-rich-quick newsletter.  If you are looking for that kind of hyper-active newsletter, please don't sign up with us.

On average, we will have two to three new ideas per month, sometimes more, sometimes less.  It is very market-dependent, and we won't offer ideas just for the sake of offering ideas.  That's the fastest way to give your money away.  Only trade when conditions are right.  We stick to that philosophy.

To get an idea of what a Vertical Spread Trader "alert" looks like, just click on this Sample Issue.

A subscription (annual or monthly) to Lee's Vertical Spread Trader gives you: 

One to three email "alerts" per week consisting of either new option spread ideas (official & unofficial), market updates, or Q&A sessions.

The ideas will provide the stock, strike prices, expiration date, and the premium prices to shoot for on both the opening and closing sides.


Phone text alerts are also available.  This feature offers an advanced notice that a message from Lee will be hitting your email shortly (currently only in U.S & Canada). 

Payment Policy

Stripe is our payment processor. 

*Important - Billing is automatic each year or month (depending on your plan) until you notify us to cancel.


You must read our Disclaimer and agree to Smart Option Seller, LLC's Terms of Use on checkout page before buying this product.

Return & Refund Policy

We want your time with Lee's newsletter to be both educational and profitable, so please be sure that it is the right fit for you.  If you need clarification on anything, just send an email!

Both the annual and monthly subscriptions come with a 30-day trial period.  If cancelled within 30 days, we will return your payment minus a $49 USD trial fee.​​ 

*Important - annual and monthly charges will happen automatically.  Please be aware of your renewal dates. 

Pro-rations will not be given after 30 days for an annual subscription, so please plan accordingly.  If a refund is requested in any subsequent annual renewal period within the first 30 days of renewal, we will refund the charge minus any Stripe fees, which is typically $50 USD, depending on your geographic location.


The monthly subscription can be cancelled at any time.

Shipping Method

Newsletter will be sent via email.

Contact us with any questions!​

Click one of the choices below for either the Annual or Monthly plan.  Both offer the same content.  Once this form is filled out, you will be taken to a separate Stripe check-out page for payment.  Super simple!

Vertical Spread Trader Logo2.png
Vertical Spread Trader Logo2.png
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