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Make Money In Your Sleep? Learn How With This Option Concept...

Hi everyone!

Can you really make money while you sleep?

Well, in the options trading world, "Time Decay" is a concept that option sellers love, but option buyers hate.


Because an option will lose value every day as it marches towards expiration, regardless of where the stock goes.

So yes, time decay is a real thing, and it works while you sleep.

If you're an option seller, you can literally make money for doing practically nothing.

And if you're option buyer, you're fighting an invisible predator.

Regardless of which way you play the options market, time decay is an important concept to understand.

How do you calculate the time decay daily value? By using the "Theta".

Don't know what that is?

Well, this video will explain everything you need to know about time decay & theta.

Also in the video, I analyze other stock charts as part of my "Saturday Synopsis", to comment on last week's trading activity and what may lie ahead for next week.

Just click below to watch the video:

If you need more information on what we do at the Smart Option Seller, just click on our services tab.

Lastly, shoot us an email with any questions or feedback you may have. We love hearing from you!

Have a great week!

Until next time.

- Lee

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