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Here's A "Secret" To Buying Stocks At A Discount

In the financial markets, there's a way to get someone to pay you for your promise to buy a stock you want at the price you want.

Think about that for a second.

You can actually make money off of your decision to buy any stock you want at a cheaper price than where it currently trades (discount).

Sounds weird, right?

For instance, Walt Disney trades for $105 per share currently.  You want to buy it for $70.  Great, someone will pay you for that promise.

Microsoft just hit all-time new highs near $85 per share,  You'd like to wait for a little pull-back and buy it for $55.  Great, someone will pay you for that promise.

Wal-Mart, the king of all retail, just had stellar earnings and blasted higher by $10 per share not that long ago.  It's never moved that much in a single day.  It now trades near $100 per share.

You're kicking yourself for not buying some when it was cheaper.

Well, you can still get paid for your agreement to buy it at the much cheaper price of $70.

Don't know how?

Well, that where the "secret" to buying stocks at a discount comes in.

And what is it?

Put-selling, of course!

But that really isn't a "secret" to my readers. They know this already.

See, put-option selling isn't some obscure trading strategy that no one can understand.  It's actually a very simple, unique, and safe way to earn income while waiting to buy a quality stock at a cheaper price.

If you read my Put-Selling Basics ebook, you would know all this.

I've made thousands upon thousands upon thousads of dollars with this strategy, just for my promise to buy stocks I've wanted, but at cheaper prices.

And you know what, because of the way I structured the trades, most of the stocks never fell far enough down to my desired level within the allotted timeframe (expiration date).

And that was ok.

Because even though I didn't get to buy my stock at my desired price, I still got compensated (paid) for my time by collecting the upfront income via selling the put options.

And I've made lots of money from just those upfront income payments.

Are you selling put options and making extra cash?

If not, let me help you.

This is what we do in our Smart Option Seller newsletter.

We sell put options on high quality stocks hoping to get our hands on them cheaper, so we can then ride them higher for potentially unlimited profits.

But if we don't get to buy the stock cheaper, we still make money by collecting the upfront income.

Can you see the benefits of that? Come join us and start pulling cash from the market like we do.

Send me your questions here if you have them. I'll always answer.

Leave a comment if you want. Sign up using the buttons up top, and pass it on to a friend by using the buttons below this post.


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