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Don't Miss This! Learn My Favorite Option Spread Trade

Hi everyone!

Hope the new year is starting out well for you and you all had a good week.

Learning how to trade option credit spreads, specifically put option credit spreads, is great for beginners or those with smaller accounts.

They offer a limited-risk/limited-reward feature, which allows the investor to get involved with some of the most popular stocks - Amazon, Tesla, Google, Microsoft, etc.

In this video, I explain the why and how to enter a put option credit spread, and what to look for on the charts to help time your entry.

We'll also discuss break-even prices, and what can happen at expiration.

In addition, I analyze various stock charts as part of my "Saturday Synopsis", to comment on last week's trading activity and what may lay ahead for next week.

Just click below to watch the video:

If you need more information on what we do at the Smart Option Seller, just click on our services tab.

Lastly, shoot us an email with any questions or feedback you may have. We love hearing from you!

Have a great weekend!

Until next time.

- Lee


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