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4 Easy Steps To Making More Money In The Stock Market

If you're looking for more ways to make some cash in the market, read on for our 4 easy steps.

1. Pick a stock you'd like to buy.

2. Pick the price you'd like to buy it.

3. Sell a put option with a strike price that matches your desired buy point.

4. Collect your payment.

Talk about easy!

Let's go over each step:

1. Pick a stock you'd like to buy.

This needs to be a stock that you have a genuine interest in owning for the long haul, or at least a decent period of time.

Through whatever research you've done - you've decided that this is the stock you want to buy.

2. Pick the price you'd like to buy it.

Most likely, the stock's current price is higher than what you'd like to pay for it, so you're interested in buying it a bit cheaper. This level could be 10% cheaper, 20% cheaper, or maybe even 30% cheaper. You decide.

3. Sell a put option with a strike price that matches your desired buy point.

Choose a put option whose strike price corresponds to your desired buy level. If the stock is at $50 now, and you'd like to try to buy it at $40, you can sell a $40 put option for any expiration period you choose. The longer the expiration date, the more money you receive.

4. Collect your cash!

This is the best part about selling puts. You collect the income immediately in exchange for your promise to buy your desired stock at your desired price by the end of the expiration period.

If the stock ends up at, or below, your buy price on the expiration date, you follow through with your agreement and buy the stock at that time. Full payment will be required.

This would be mission-accomplished for you as you get to buy your stock at your price, and you get to keep the upfront cash paid to you when you first executed the trade.

Now you own the stock outright, can collect dividends, and hopefully watch it go up to where your profit potential is now unlimited!

If the stock doesn't end up at, or below, your desired price at expiration, then the trade will expire and disappear from your account. You won't get to buy any shares at your desired price, but your consolation is that you still get to keep the upfront payment you received when you first executed the trade.

Your next step? Repeat the process and sell another put option. This brings in another round of upfront cash. Score! Wash, rinse and repeat. Before you know it, you've built up a tidy little sum, especially if you do this on multiple stocks, using multiple contracts, multiple times throughout the year.

Those are your 4 steps to making more money in the stock market.

If you'd like an in-depth look at the incredible strategy of selling put options, sign up for my free ebook. You can also scroll through the blog and read some of my other posts about this topic.

This is the exact strategy we use in my Smart Option Seller newsletter. We do this year round and our customers are making tens of thousands of dollars in the process. See their testimonials.

Are you selling put options? If not, you're missing out on a great way to earn extra cash.

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