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New Trade!

New Trade! Hello Smart Option Sellers! Let's try to sneak a new trade in before the holiday. Kellogg (K) We've played Kellogg profitably a number of times already since Smart Option Seller's inception in 2017. It has been in a price downtrend for the last few years, but with the downside cushion we give ourselves, we managed to walk away with profits each time. Now it looks as though that downtrend might finally have been broken. It started to make the move higher in June of this year and hasn't looked back since. Here's the current chart. We're going to sell a put option at a strike price level that has almost $13 points of downside cushion, which equates to an almost 20% buffer. Here's what you can choose to do: Sell (sell-to-open) the March 20, 2020 K $52.50 strike put option contracts for a limit sell price of $.25 per contract or higher, GTC, as an opening transaction (sell-to-open). Currently, this put option has a market of $.25 bid/$.30 offer, so we should be able to sell some of these at our price of $.25 per. If you don't get filled right away, make sure your sell order is working "GTC". Housekeeping Notes We're currently working put-sell orders on both HACK & CSCO that have not been filled yet. I've had a few readers write in asking about the status. We'll continue to work the orders as-is for the time being. It doesn't look promising, but you never know what could happen. If I don't mention an open order for a period of time, it just means we're still working it "GTC". Obviously I will give an update if things change. I would also like make everyone aware that I post extra content on both Twitter & Facebook. If you are on either of those social platforms, please check in at least once a week to see what free material I'm offering. I post educational articles about options trading, and other stock market news. This is just another way to help take your trading game to the next level. You can find me on Twitter using the handle @smartoptseller or by clicking here And on Facebook as The Smart Option Seller or by clicking here Have a look at the extra free content I provide, and if you would be so kind, please "like" & "re-tweet" my posts. By doing so helps others to see what we're doing. That's all for today. I'll get a short update out on Friday to go over the Kellogg results. I want to wish all of my readers who will be celebrating tomorrow a very happy Thanksgiving holiday. Enjoy the time with family & friends. Continue to hold all other open positions as-is. Contact us here with fills, comments, questions or concerns. Regards,

Lee Let's Grab That Cash!

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