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GPS Update

Gap, Inc (GPS) Update Hello Smart Option Sellers! I know I just sent the prior alert, but with GPS stock looking strong so far this morning, I want everyone to initiate an official buy-back position at this time. We may or may not be able to get it, but let's give it a try. Here's what you can choose to do: Note: you will only execute this buy-back trade if you already hold the put-sell position in your account. If you don't have the position, you can disregard these instructions. Buy back (buy-to-close) all of your GPS September 20, 2019 $18 put option contracts for a limit buy price of $.10 per contract or cheaper, Day Only, as a closing transaction (buy-to-close). With the stock trading near $17.87 per share, this put option currently has a market of $.18 bid/$.22 offer, so it is highly dependent on where GPS stock is trading, and how much time is left in the trading day. If GPS is trading at $17.87 near 3pm ET for example, then the put option will be worth about $.13 to $.15 per contract. It will keep fluctuating based on the stock price and how much time is left in the day. If the stock starts bumping up near $18 during the day, we should be able to get filled. So for now, get that order in there and let's see if we can get it. The rest of the information from the prior alert still stands. That's all for now. Keep a watch for any other alerts from me. Continue to hold all other open positions as-is. Contact us here with fills, comments, questions or concerns. Regards,

Lee Let's Grab That Cash!

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