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Something To Ponder...

Something To Ponder... Hello Smart Option Sellers! As you settle into your Memorial Day weekend, let me offer something to consider while you're chowing down on burgers, hot dogs and cold drinks. A Potential New Service...One-On-One Mentoring I have been asked numerous times over the years for options trading advice and tips, and even about mentoring and tutoring to trade options more profitably. I always thought that running the newsletters would offer enough information to get everyone on the right path to trading options successfully. But apparently many of you want even more, on subjects outside of what we do at Smart Option Seller and Vertical Spread Trader. Some want to learn about the Greeks, how to hedge an underwater position, how to execute more complex option spreads, and even how to find the right stocks to trade. As I embarked on the Smart Option Seller journey a few years ago, I envisioned just writing the newsletter and imparting my many years of experience onto the readers. But as things evolve, I never want to pass up an opportunity to help others, and to grow my business, as well. So it got me thinking of the best way to offer such a service. Here's what I envision: 1. It will be online, most likely through Skype, where we can chat face to face. 2. We can chat about anything options-related. Very open and free flowing. I don't plan on having any pre-made courses or topics to cover. The floor is yours to run. 3. I can share my screen and run through trade examples, all while being videotaped. These will be available to download for future reference. 4. Sessions will be offered at nighttime, after market hours are over. 5. Unfortunately I cannot (and will not) offer individual trading advice. All sessions will offer examples only. For the topics you want covered, I will pick arbitrary stocks so there's no conflict of interest. 6. Sessions will last roughly an hour. Cost has not been decided yet, but discounts will be offered for booking multiple sessions. 7. I will most likely create an online appointment calendar that allows for customer date selection. 8. This is an opportunity to get one-on-one training and to pick the brains of a long-time professional options trader (me!). I see this mentoring as a way to bring your options game to the next level and become more profitable. Although I would be excited to start on the next step, I still would like to gauge the overall interest in this type of service. If you wouldn't mind, please take the poll below so I know where you stand. I could foresee this new service starting up in the next few months. Please rate your level of interest for hourly mentoring sessions by clicking one of the choices below:

1. Very Interested 2. Somewhat Interested 3. No Interest

I would love to hear your thoughts & feedback, and any ideas that could make the service more appealing. You can always contact me here. Thank you! Enjoy your weekend! Regards,

Lee Let's Grab That Cash!

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