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Trade Update - New Trade!

New Trade! Hello Smart Option Sellers! Yay, it's May! Excited to get that nice spring weather going. Today, I've got a new trade for you. Let's hop to! Verizon (VZ) No stranger to the Smart Option Seller portfolio, VZ has been good for five profitable trades since our inception in 2017. You know how I like to recylcle trades, right? VZ is in a perfect spot right now for us to get involved. Earnings have already been released and it's bouncing off a critical support area on the charts. I like getting in on this trade right now. Here's what you can choose to do: Sell (sell-to-open) the VZ October 18, 2019 $45 put options for a limit sell price of $0.25 per contract or higher, GTC, as an opening transaction (sell-to-open). Currently, this put option has a market of $.27 bid/$.32 offer, so we should be able to sell these right off the bat. Remember, make sure to check the current bid/ask prices before entering your order. Let's try to get the best fills as possible. That means to try and "work" your sell order a little bit above the prevailing bid price. Don't jam (sell) at the bid price immediately if you don't have to. We've seen recently how the put option prices have popped higher, specifically on our INTC & MRK trades, so you can be patient if you want. Do not sell for anything less than $.25 per contract. With VZ stock currently near $57.20 per share, our strike price will have a $12.20 per share cushion, which equates to a nice 21.3% downside buffer. Micron Update (MU) We currently have an open order to sell the MU July 19, 2019 $25 put options for $.25 per contract or higher. Only a very small handful of you were able to get into this trade when I recommended it awhile back. I didn't call it official because not enough of you were filled. Today, I'm going to cancel this order for the team as a whole because it is not viable to get filled at this point. For those of you who were lucky enough to get filled, the put option price is nearing the "80% Rule" threshold, so you can look to buy back the trade is you wish to lock in your gains. Here's the official cancel order: Cancel your sell-to-open order on the MU July 19. 2019 $25 put options. Congrats if you had been filled. For the rest of us, we'll get 'em next time. That's all for now. Get those orders in there and let us know how you do. Continue to hold all other open positions as-is. Contact us here with fills, comments, questions or concerns. Regards,

Lee Let's Grab That Cash!

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