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Trade Update - INTC

Trade Update - Intel Corp. (INTC) Hello Smart Option Sellers! Hope everyone had a good weekend. We hopped into a new put-sell trade on Friday and received fills much higher than my initial recommended sell price. This was because INTC stock stayed on its downward trajectory during the day which obviously kept upward pressure on the put option prices. That worked in our favor. Most of the fills went across the tape between $.36 to $.38 per contract, so we'll take the official mark at $.37 per. Here's what we did: Sold (sold-to-open) the INTC September 20, 2019 $40 put options for an official sale price of $0.37 per contract as an opening transaction (sold-to-open). If you did not place your order on Friday, you can still do so at current prices. Right now, the put option is valued near $.35 per contract. That's all for now. Continue to hold all other open positions as-is. Contact me here with fills, comments, questions or concerns. Regards,

Lee Let's Grab That Cash!

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