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Sitting Tight

Sitting Tight Hello Smart Option Sellers! The markets are not letting up, even on Christmas eve. How rude! I was hoping we could get through this last full week of 2018 without much activity, but between the partial government shut-down, General Mattis resigning, Trump talking about firing Jerome Powell (rumors only!), on-going tariff disputes with China, and now the possibility of the Plunge Protection Team (PPT) stepping in, we're being bombarded with unsettling news. This has led to all stocks getting hit, much more than warranted. It really starts to test your resolve and the confidence you have in not only your current portfolio, but the market as a whole. But let's remember that through the years, all the sell-offs, crashes, pull-backs, etc, have all been reversed to lead to market rallies. It just takes the patience and confidence to know that this current episode will pass as well. Here at Smart Option Seller, I do my very best to instill confidence to all of you and to know that each put-sell recommendation is based upon careful research of quality companies. And even then, stocks can still move lower. That's the nature of the beast (investing) sometimes. The question is whether we have the patience and resolve to get through it, as the drops can last longer than anticipated, or hoped. For us, we can employ defensive measures (rolling) to help us lower our potential entry point and lessen any losses that may occur. We have already rolled our BIG position, and we may have to act on others very soon. But trying to make any rational decisions when emotions are running high and the market is in a constant downtrend makes for bad trades. The markets have come off for the last seven trading days in a row, without letting up. A snap-back rally is imminent, and that would be the time for us to strike, if still needed. I hate that another day of selling has to come on Christmas eve, but at least the market has shortened hours today (closes at 1pm EST). So let's remain calm and I'll check back in on Wednesday with any defensive action that might be warranted. Enjoy the holiday! Continue to hold all other open positions as-is. Contact me here with fills, comments, questions or concerns. Regards,

Lee Let's Grab That Cash!

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