Is This The End? And...Trade Results - PYPL

Is This The End? Hello Smart Option Sellers! Yesterday ended in brutal fashion, with final support levels giving way for all the major stock indexes. The markets were cruising along on their highs yesterday until the Fed announced the rate hike at 2pm EST. It wasn't so much that the Fed raised rates, which was widely expected, but I believe it was the not-dovish-enough rhetoric that came across from chairman Powell during the conference call. The markets interpreted the comments as not friendly for the future and unleashed the sell orders. So where does that leave us? I believe there's more selling to come, even though things are getting a bit oversold. We could see a short-term snap-back rally, but at this point, I think any rallies will be sold into. For now, we are going to hold off on any new put-sell positions, only because the conditions won't be ideal. We need to see signs that a strong bottom is forming, and that buyers are ready to take the market back up. Our time now will be spent defending the positions we have, which might include a few more roll trades. Other than Big Lots (BIG) and now Alcoa (AA) by a smidge, all of our put-sells still remain below the stock price. That is somewhat comforting knowing that our strategy has given us deep cushion for moves like this. Yes, our positions are underwater, but clearly at much more digestible levels than anyone who has bought stocks outright over the last few weeks. Remember, until, and unless, the stock moves below the strike price, we will not be forced to buy any shares of stock. Consider what would happen to our positions if they all expired today - they would expire worthless and give us locked in profits (with the exception of BIG & AA). The only reason why our positions have value today (above what we sold them for), is because there's still time left until expiration day. Time = opportunity for the stock to keep dropping, hence, each put option still retains some kind of value. Our only concern at this point is do we want to try to lower our potential buy-in price on our holdings? Do we