Friday Q&A

Friday Q&A Hello Smart Option Sellers! Everyone should be getting filled on the new BIG put-sell play from today's earlier alert. Prices are obtainable! As far as the Q&A, most of the questions that have come in are specifically about the potential new option credit spread service. I will get to those questions in a full Q&A alert probably in the next week or so. But I still want to give Smart Option Seller members a chance to vote on the subject, so once again, if you have note voted by using the alert from Friday August 17th, please go back and mark your vote within that alert only. At this time, about 55% of you have voted. Thank you! Here's today's questions: Q: If you get a moment or two, can you interpret?

I frequently get notes from Fidelity indicating UNUSUAL OPTION CLASSES going on for the day--sometimes it may say UNUSUAL PUT OPTIONS IN XYZ STOCK.

A: There are many services out there (free & paid) that can alert you to unusual options activity for a certain stock. This is most likely a volume-based alert which flags a certain option (put or call) t