A New Trading Service?

A New Trading Service? Hello Smart Option Sellers! Happy Friday! Not much happening in the markets this week except for lots of chop and back & forth action. As frustrating as that is for some, it's actually great for us. Why? Because as stocks meander, the put option prices decay faster. That's exactly what we want. So sit tight, relax, and let's wait for the new trades to show themselves. On another note, let's talk about something different today. Over the past few months, I've had requests from a number of you about starting up a new service that consisted of selling option credit spreads. For those unfamiliar, option credit spreads are another amazing income-generating type of trade, just like put-selling, but with minor differences. I wrote about option credit spreads in my book, as one of my favorite all-time strategies as a way to profitably navigate the commodities markets. As it applied to the stock market though, I felt that put-selling was better suited. That's why I created Instant Money Trader (my previous newsletter) and Smart Option Seller. But after hearing from many of you and looking at it again from various angles, I now feel that selling option credit spreads could definitely be traded profitably within the stock market as well. Just like put-selling, credit spreads collect cash upfront and also have a margin for directional error (using my method). This is good. Credit spreads comprise two option trades in one - a sale & a purchase. The difference between their prices is what creates the "spread&qu