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Trade Results - ORCL

Trade Results - Oracle (ORCL) Hello Smart Option Sellers! We were filled on a few of the new ORCL puts yesterday and some just went across the tape this morning. Here's what we did: Sold (sold-to-open) the ORCL December 21, 2018 $33 put options for an official sale price of $.25 per contract as an opening transaction (sold-to-open). Overnight, it looked like the market was going to get whacked on the open, as the futures markets were down big time. But like many times before, the indices found their footing before the bell and we're actually up now. Amazing! If we had opened lower, ORCL would've been lower too, making it easier for everyone to get filled. If you haven't been filled, just keep your order working "GTC". General Mills (GIS) We've been keeping track of GIS which released earnings this morning. Of course the stock is up and the July $40 put is now worth around $.10 per contract. Our position has already been closed, but I couldn't let go of the fact that the option price was still very high - more so than it should've been. I thought the market-makers knew something we didn't, and that GIS would sell-off big time. It was prudent to close the trade like we did last week. If we had held (which I really wanted to do!), we could've made a little more money. But, safety first! Time to move on Lee! That's all for now. Continue to hold all other positions as-is. Contact me here Regards,

Lee Let's Grab That Cash!

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