A Duo Of New Trades! Let's Go!

New Trades! Hello Smart Option Sellers! It's Friday! And we made it through another week! All the stock indices (Dow, S&P 500, & Nasdaq) have clearly broken out to the upside this week. On my charts of each (not shown), the indices had been churning in a sideways triangle pattern with lots of ups and downs, and forming into a tighter range. When this type of set-up occurs, the market will finally breakout to one side or the other (higher or lower), and will continue in that direction. As it seems now, that direction is higher. The triangle pattern looks like this (which is a great site by the way for learning simple chart patterns). If you pull up a current chart of any of the stock indices, you will be able to see the triangle patterns. Anyway, this all bodes well for what seems to be higher prices for the near-term future. This will greatly help our current put-sell positions reach their profitability. And with the recent moves higher, I feel more confident about getting us into new plays. Which leads us to today's alert. A Duo Of Opportunities We're going to jump into two new plays today. But there's a catch. It's with positions that we already have. No biggie though, as both of these current positions are on the cusp of hitting the "80% Rule" threshold. Everyone knows what that is, right? I foresee us taking profits on those positions soon, so it makes total sense to engage these positions in new trades as well. If you've been with us long enough, you know that we like to recycle trades and use them over and over again. W