Trade Update - SQ

Trade Update - Square Inc (SQ) Hello Smart Option Sellers! We placed a new put-sell order on SQ on Friday for $.25 per contract that unfortunately did not get filled. There was a 50-lot trade that went through at $.27 per contract right around the time the alert was sent out to everyone, but I haven't heard from any Smart Option Seller members about it. So as of now, we remain unfilled. And with the stock up almost $2.50 per share this morning (yes, $2.50 per share!), it has put our new trade further away from getting filled. Remember, when stocks go up, put option prices go down. Let's give this one another day or two to see if the stock retreats a tad to give us another opportunity. If it doesn't, we may opt to alter the strike price. Keep your orders working as-is. The instructions are below for reference. Sell (sell-to-open) the SQ September 21, 2018 $29 put options for a limit sell price of $.25 per contract or higher, GTC, as an opening transaction (sell-to-open). Market Sysnopsis I've been talking about how the markets were bumping off their 200-day moving averages and how that could help to see a sustained rally. Well, I believe that is happening. And in addition to the 200-day moving average bounce, it looks like both the NASDAQ and the Dow Industrials are popping out and above their triangle patterns (different technical indicators not shown), which is also good news for a sustained rally. If we have another day or two of higher closes, then I believe the upside momentum will carry on and the next upward leg will have begun. This will cause the volatility (VIX) of the markets to relax, and that causes option prices to come down with it. This is helpful for put-sell positions we already have in place, but as mentioned many times before, it can potentially give us a touch less money in our pockets when we initiate new put-sell trades. No worries as we&#x