Friday Q&A

Hello Smart Option Sellers! Before we get to the questions, I wanted to say that I've been receiving emails from Smart Option Seller members about their fill prices on today's buy-back trade on GSK. I will go over all the profit details on Monday even though the markets will be closed. It's great to have another win locked in. On another note, I'm glad we were able to take advantage of the recent plunge in stock prices as we were able to get into a few new trades. The moves up and down were fast and furious, which helped us, but we also missed other opportunities due to the sheer quickness of those price moves. By the time I wanted to send an alert out to everyone, the prices became unattainable. If only I had a direct, real-time, instant link to your brains, then we could really do some work! Lol. I'll keep those trades on ice for now, as I think we may see another bout of downside action soon. For some of our newer members, you joined at a great time, as many of our open positions are still attainable at good prices. We definitely had a V-shaped recovery in the market like the one I talked about the other day. Look at the chart of the S&P500 here. You can see the V-shape from the last two weeks. As of now, the market has basically reversed all that was lost, except for the big Friday move on February 2nd. That's pretty impressive. Like I said, I can see a possible downside move again in the next week or two, but it probably won't be as big. Hopefully it will allow us to enter some more trades. Friday Q&A Q: Lee, what's the latest with Bitcoin? A: Ah, bitcoin. We haven't talked about it in awhile. Well, if you think the stock market's volatility has been big, then you haven't been following the cyrptocurrenc