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Trade Update - GoodYear Tire

Trade Update - Goodyear Tire (GT) Hello Smart Option Sellers! We had no problem getting filled on the new GT put-sell play that we entered on Friday. If your order was placed at $.25 per contract, then you got filled. Here's what we did: Sold (sold-to-open) the GT July 2018 $21 put options for an official sale price of $.25 per contract as an opening transaction (sold-to-open). This put option closed on Friday with a $.25 bid/$.30 offer, so the opportunity was there to trade it. If you were holding out for a higher price, then you can still work it GTC, or you can move it down to $.25 per contract. With the market moving higher this morning (as well as GT stock), continuing the momentum from Friday's close, it will be harder to get a fill on the trade at this time. But keep your trade in GTC just in case. And speaking of the market...who's seeing this pull-back as an opportunity to buy? I certainly am. But in measured doses. You don't want to go all in, considering there could be more downside action. But for all those investors who have kicked themselves for staying on the sidelines and wished for a pull-back so they can get in - are they going to follow through? Many won't, as the market drop was swift and scary, and are now faced with the real decision of putting their money on the line. All talk no action? Could be. What it boils down to - do you have the cajones to step up and buy? 100 years of stock market history is on our sides. It will always eventually go up. For those that say it's different this time and the market will keep falling... Forget that! I'm buying, and looking for more put-selling opportunities for us. That's all for now. Continue to hold all other trades as-is. Continue to contact me here Regards,

Lee Let's Grab That Cash!


Current Portfolio Continue to work all other trades as instructed and continue to hold all other open positions as-is. See the Current Portfolio below for current prices & instructions. Note on the Current Portfolio - if you are a new subscriber and don't have a position yet on any of our trades, make sure you enter your order at the original recommended sell prices. Do no enter any order unless the current option price is at, or higher, than the official recommendation. If you are unsure or have any questions, please ask us!

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