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Bonus Unofficial Play

Bonus Trade Hello Smart Option Sellers! From time to time I will offer up bonus trades for my wonderful Smart Option Seller members. These are unofficial and optional trades because they fall outside the parameters of our typical put-sells. In this case, it's only the price of the stock that is holding us back. The trade itself is still extremely worthy of your consideration. And just a few weeks ago, I offered a similar trade on Facebook. Big Blue - IBM (IBM) IBM has had a nice pull-back of late, and could be hitting oversold levels. Here's the current chart. If you are inclined on taking a long-term bullish view of IBM, and might be looking to scale in at cheaper prices, then here's a put-sell trade that might interest you. Look to sell (sell-to-open) the IBM July 2018 $95 or $100 put options in the middle of their current bid/ask spreads. As of now, the $95 put options are $.20 bid/$.41 offer and the $100 puts are $.29 bid/$.50 offer. IBM falling to those strike levels would represent another $50 - $55 stock drop on top of the $20 drop it's already incurred in the last few weeks. That would equate to a fall of another 33% to 42% respectively in the stock. That's a tall order. If this trade is up your alley, feel free to give it a look. Once again, this is an optional and unofficial trade, so I will not be following it in the official portfolio. Since we choose to concentrate on stocks that are $50 per share and under (in most cases), this is the only reason why we won't officially engage with this trade. Feel free to let me know if you choose to get in. That's all for now. Continue to hold all other trades as-is. Continue to contact me here Regards,

Lee Let's Grab That Cash!

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