Trade Updates And Friday Q&A

Trade Updates Hello Smart Option Sellers! Southwest Airlines (LUV) We tried to enter a new put-sell trade on LUV yesterday, and just like the Kellogg trade from two weeks ago, we had the same issue with not getting filled. I'm a little tired of this nonsense. Clearly, with the stock down over $2 per share yesterday, the put options should not be backing off in price. They should be going up in price. Is everyone afraid to trade with us? It's insane. Instead of the market coming to us to buy our put options, we have to resort to going down in price if we want to get filled. Let me show you the Time & Sales Report from both the Interactive Brokers feed and eSignal's (one of my data providers). The Time & Sales will show you all the bids, offers, trades, size & time for each option contract.