Portfolio Update And Friday Q&A

Portfolio Update Hello Smart Option Sellers! Happy Friday! Anyone else hit by this horrible flu bug? It's pretty much swept through my house. A couple sick kids here and my spouse too. No fun! If you have been affected, I hope it wasn't too miserable, and if you currently have it, I wish you a speedy recovery. Glad it's the weekend. Congratulations to many of you who wrote me that you engaged in the unofficial Facebook put-sell trade yesterday. Although I won't be following it, I have a very good feeling it will be a profitable trade. We currently have eight official put-sell positions on the board and all of them are currently in the black (or green!). Our most recent play - the Kellogg June 2018 $52.50 put options - are somewhat near our entry price, and for any new member who has recently joined us, you may be able to still get into the trade. Check the Current Portfolio below for instructions on what to do. Always make sure to place your initial sell order at the same price or higher as our official entry price. Check the current bid/ask market for the put option before entering the trade. For instance, if we sold the put option for $.25 per contract, make sure you place your sell order at $.25 per contract as well, or higher (if it is currently trading higher than $.25). If the bid/ask market on this put option is $.35 bid/$.45 offer, you at least know you can sell it for $.35 per contract, which would be $.10 higher than where we sold it. That would be good for you. Continue to hold all trades as-is for now. Time marches on, and that is our best friend as option sellers. Each day that passes, the option price loses a little bit of value regardless of which way the stock moves. This is called "time decay&qu