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Trade Adjustment - Kellogg

Trade Adjustment - Kellogg (K) Hello Smart Option Sellers! Quick update here. Even with Kellogg stock down another $1 per share today, the put option prices are still not budging. This is making me extremely angry. It's like everyone trading Kellogg options has fallen asleep. Part of what the issue is, is that the drop in the stock price has been a slow, drip drip drip. If the stock had dropped the $1 per share very quickly, say, within a few minutes, it would pop the put option prices to where we need them to be. That's the psychology of the markets - if things move slow & orderly, no one gets upset or stressed out. But when things move fast, people tend to panic. So far, there's been no panic in Kellogg, so our options aren't trading. Here's what I want everyone to do who has not been filled yet: Outright cancel your sell-to-open order of the K June 2018 $52.50 put options. I want to see what happens if we pull our order. I have a feeling that once the market-makers see there's no cheap offer prices anymore (our $.25 offer), they will come around and finally bid at least $.25 per contract. These are the games that are played sometimes. I'll re-assess the market in the morning, and if the bids start to come alive, we'll re-place the put-sell trade. If you have been filled by the end of today, then great. If not, please follow the instructions and cancel the order. Do not place a new order tomorrow until you hear from me. That's all for now. Contact me here Regards,

Lee Let's Grab That Cash!

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