Trade Update And More Profit Time

Trade Update - Five Below (FIVE) Hello Smart Option Sellers! Yesterday we placed a new put-sell trade on FIVE, and I will say that I'm quite disappointed on how it turned out. Not because it was a bad trade, but because how the option market-makers would not fill the majority of our orders. This was extremely frustrating, considering what the bid/ask market was showing before we entered the trade. As I mentioned in yesterday's alert, I couldn't decide between the $38 & $39 puts because both were showing a $.20 bid/$.35 offer. I opted for the $39 puts because those should be priced higher and it would've given everyone a better chance to get filled. And usually, when you have a $.20 bid/$.35 ask market, it is almost a definite that you will get filled if you place your sell price at $.25 per contract, which is very near the $.20 bid. Market-makers are happy when you place your sell trade very close to their bid price. We're practically giving them what they want. And then they don't fully trade with us? Angry is a very nice word to describe the way I was feeling when the market-makers wouldn't budge and fill more of us at $.25 per contract. I've attached two snapshots below of the "Time & Sales" (T&S) report from two points during the day for our trade. A T&S report shows all the bid/offers/trades that occur for an option at any point during the trading session.