Market Update

Market Update Hello Smart Option Sellers! Been pretty quiet around here. I sit here everyday, all day, scanning the markets for potential new put-sell trades for us. And right now, I'm just not seeing anything that's worthy of our attention. There's a few fringe opportunities, but not enough to pull the trigger and put our hard-earned dollars into sub-par risk/reward scenarios. Sometimes it's best to sit on the sidelines until a clearer picture emerges. Can't go broke if we have no stake. At the same time, can't make any money either. But I'm super conservative (maybe too much for some of you), and would rather err on the side of caution. I will say that two of the stocks I'm looking at right now are Paypal (PYPL) and Square (SQ). Both of those stocks are at the forefront of modern payment systems, most notably for small businesses and entrepreneurs (like me!). All of you know that my method of payment to join The Smart Option Seller is through Paypal. The reasons why I haven't pulled the trigger on these two stocks yet are: 1. PYPL just released a news story that one of its recently acquired bill processor systems - TIO Networks, had a security breach, with possible customer personal data being exposed. Not sure yet how this will affect PYPL's stock price, but I'll continue to monitor. 2. There's nothing inherently wrong with SQ, except that it's gone vertical recently, and then had a large pull-back, so I'm waiting to see how the next move will shake out. Here's an interesting article about SQ. 3. Lastly, both of these stocks have only been trading for a few years, and I typically lik