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Position Update

Position Update Hello Smart Option Sellers! Happy Halloween! I can't believe tomorrow is November 1st. This year is truly flying by. And pretty soon we'll be closing out our first year of The Smart Option Seller. Amazing! So where do we stand with our positions? I heard from a number of you yesterday that you were filled on the Gap Inc. (GPS) put-sell position. This is great news. The stock took a little tumble yesterday and if you had your order working GTC, then you were definitely filled. As stock prices move lower, put option prices move higher. And speaking of stocks falling - you might have noticed the wallop that Merck (MRK) has taken over the last few days. It's shed about $8 per share in that timeframe. It's part of the pharmaceutical pull-back that all stocks in that sector have experienced. The charts of MRK & GSK look almost identical, both of which we hold positions, and both of which are EXTREMELY oversold right now. I have to believe snap-back rallies will not be far behind. Even so, with the drop in these stocks, you may have noticed that our positions have moved against us at the moment. This goes for our position in AT&T (T) as well. This is normal, and just part of the everyday ebb and flow of the markets. Stocks go up and stocks go down. We need to be prepared for the down-moves and the possibility that our positions might be underwater for a period of time. This is not a reason to get scared out of our positions and shut them down. Is anyone scared? I'm not, and neither should you. I'm always here manning the screens, so if any adjustments are needed, I will send out an alert ASAP. Continue to hold all trades as-is. And remember, would it be a bad thing if we had to buy some of these stocks at these lower levels? Lastly, if you already have a stake in these put-sell trades, I don't recommend increasing your position size. Let's wait for something new. Bitcoin Received some feedback on the bitcoin analysis I did in last Friday's Q&A alert. Most of you are intrigued, but are still a little confused about the whole concept. Totally understandable. I will say though, that I'm very convinced that bitcoin is here to stay, and that it's only going to get more popular and talked about in the coming months and years. Since last Friday alone, it has already tacked on another $450 per coin. It's gone from roughly $5,900 to $6,350 today. It's incredible! As I mentioned on Friday, if you want to grab a stake, you can sign up at Coinbase. I have a small account there and if you want to open one up, use this link to get started. If you do, we both will receive $10 worth of free bitcoin after you've bought your first $100 worth. You'll see my name come up on that link as the referral (it will show as Aron Lowell. Lee is my middle name). I love getting stuff for free, and you should too! Well, that's all for now. Enjoy Halloween, and eating too much candy! Don't forget about reading my Blog. Continue to reach us here Regards, Lee Let's Grab That Cash!

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