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Tough Day

Tough Day Hello Smart Option Sellers, It's tough to wake up to news stories such as the one coming out of Las Vegas this morning. We can barely get over the devastation that the hurricanes have wreaked over the last month and now we have to deal with this tragedy. Incredibly heartbreaking. We become so numb to these events and start to think of it as just part of our daily lives. We can't though. Every person affected is someone's daughter, brother, mother, cousin, friend, etc. These are real people just out trying to enjoy their day. How do you get over it? It's so hard to wrap your brain about incidents like this because most of us could never imagine doing something like that. I feel so bad right now and it's hard to go about your day knowing what the affected families are feeling. I want to send out my most heartfelt thoughts to any families affected by this event and hope you all can do the same. I love Las Vegas. I visit there almost every year. It's so sad. I wish everyone well and hope you can get through the day. That's all for now. Hang in there everyone. Send us your comments, questions & feedback here Regards, Lee


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