Unofficial Earnings Play Follow-Up - Macy's & Nektar

Unofficial Earnings Play Follow-Up

Hello Smart Option Sellers! Macy's (M) One of the worst things that can happen after an earnings announcement if you're hoping for a big move, is for the stock to go nowhere. And that's exactly what's happening with Macy's right now. Obviously the numbers put out by Macy's were seen as a non-event by the market, and so the stock has hardly budged from yesterday's close. As noted in every alert when I've issued one of these unofficial earnings plays, is that you will see more losing trades than winning trades. This is because earnings are a crap shoot, and the unknown is just too big of a hurdle to overcome if the stock doesn't make a big enough move. I offer these unofficial trades only because we had a large demand for them, and because they truly can produce very large gains. We've already seen that with a few of these trades - some of which have produced 1,000% - 2,000% gains. And lastly, they are only to be considered "fun" trades, ones that we all like to take for a gamble here and there. But please, do not bet the house or make these trades with money you cannot afford to lose. They are low probability trades, and I would hate for anyone to lose a sizable portion of their savings on them. This is why we stick to the high-probability winners of put-selling. These Macy's options expire tomorrow, and I'm seei