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Unofficial Trade

Unofficial Trade

Hello Smart Option Sellers! Dollar General (DG) For those of you who may have gotten into this trade before I sent the updated alert, you should be able to unwind any incorrect trade that you've done already at not much of a cost either way. You could even end up with a surprise profit possibly.

I apologize again and let me make sure everyone is on the same page here.

Here is the trade again:

Buy (buy-to-open) both DG March 17, 2017 put options and call options for a combined total buy price in the range of $.50-$.60 per total as an opening transaction (buy-to-open).

The strike prices are to be roughly $5 radius around the current stock price at the time you enter the trade.

Remember, you will be buying both a call option and put option.The put option strikes you'll choose will be one of these: $67, $67.50 or the $68 puts.

And the call option strikes you'll choose will be one of these: $77, $77.50 or the $78 call options.

You will use the March 17, 2017 expiration date for these options. They expire in two days from now.

The total trade price for both call and put options together should still be in the $.50-$.60 range. Don't pay more than that if you can.

Let me know if you have any questions. Contact us here.



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