Trade Update & Profit Time

Trade Update

Hello Smart Option Sellers! Before I get to the alert, don't forget to read my new "Put-Selling Basics" guide I have on the website. It's a great refresher for both experienced and new traders. It's totally free. Just click here to read. Update on our General Mills (GIS) put-sell order. We had a few members who got filled on Friday at the low end of my recommended sell range of $.34 per contract. At this point, we need to follow the trade as an official transaction, but I want everyone else to still keep their orders working "GTC" within the range I set ($.34 - $.39 per contract). You can decide at what price within that range to set your order. With GIS stock up $2 per share today, it is putting pressure on the put option prices, so getting filled may not happen today for the rest of you. Sometimes we may not be able to get the prices we want on the first go round. I am still evaluating the stock movement, and if I decide to adjust our order, I will send out another alert. Officially, here's what we've done with GIS: Sold (