Market Update and Friday Q&A

Market Update

Hello Smart Option Sellers! The market continues its upward march. So much for my thoughts that we'd see a pull-back within the first few weeks of President Trump's move into the White House. Anyway, as stocks move up, put option prices go down. That bodes well for our current put-sell positions as we can reach profitability that much quicker. Remember, we can lock in gains by buying the put options back cheaper than what we sold them for. That's how we make our profits. All four of our positions are in the black (BMY, TGT, GPS & VZ). Although the option prices for our positions are now out of range, any newcomers to our service can still place "GTC" orders and wait to see if you get filled. If it doesn't happen, there will always be more trades coming from me down the pike. For those of you who do have these positions, continue to hold as-is. Friday Q&A I try to use Fridays as our day to answer most non-pressing questions, so if you have a concern, comment, feedback or question, just send it in! Looks like everyone's all set because I have nothing for today. I guess that's a good thing. Well, that's all for today. Have a great weekend everyone! You