New Trade!

New Trade! Hello Smart Option Sellers! Let's get going with our first official trade! Target Corp. (TGT) This is a stock we played profitably many times at Instant Money Trader and it's back in action for us in the new Smart Option Seller. You will hear many lament at how the brick & mortar stores are getting eaten alive by the likes of Amazon, and that their demise is unavoidable. And although I don't entirely disagree with that, I certainly know that brick & mortars are not going out of business anytime soon, especially in the few months we'll have this trade open. There will be consolidations and mergers, and the strongest will survive. I include Target & Walmart (WMT) in that category. And let's not forget, these brick & mortar stores have online presences as well, so it's not like they have no ecommerce game. Target is extremely oversold at the moment, falling roughly $15 in just the last month alone. Most of this is due to their holiday sales numbers. With those numbers now baked into the stock price, I believe the selling should taper off and we'll see sideways action for the time being, and then most likely a move back up.