Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy Hello Smart Option Sellers! As we get started with our new service, many of you who've been with me before know me and know my message. But it's always good to get a refresher on what we aim to achieve with The Smart Option Seller. We do one thing here - we sell put option contracts. Why do we sell put option contracts? Because it is one of the highest (if not THE highest) ways of achieving a high probability of success in the market. That high probability of success translates into more profits for all of us. In order to make money in the stock market, a stock buyer needs to get the direction correct, yes? If you buy a stock and it goes up, you make money. If you buy a stock and its price goes down, you lose money. Simple concepts. But for an option buyer, it's even harder than that. Why? Because not only does an option buyer need to get the direction of the stock correct, but they also need to get the timing of that move correct as well. This goes for both call option buyers and put option buyers. Every option contract has an expiration date. If the stock doesn't make the intended move within that contract period, the option will expire worthless and the option buyer loses 100% of their investment. 100%! I know many of you (me included) have bought stocks and/or have stocks in our current portfolios. This is fine as we can wait until the day we croak for that stock to make the correct move if it hasn't happened by now. There is no time limit. But for the investor that chooses to lay down their bets by buying option contracts, they have to get that prediction right by the expiration date. And this is where the amateurs gets separated from the professionals. How cocky do you have to be to believe you have the skills and knowledge to be able to predict not only where a stock is going to move to, but by what date it will happen. Pretty cocky