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Welcome To The Smart Option Seller!

Here's something you need to know:


The stock market has been the greatest wealth generator

of the last 100 years.


Better than gold, real estate, commodities, government

bonds, CDs, etc.


But, you also need to know, by trading stock options -

call options and put options - those returns can be magnified

by hundreds of percentage points.

If you've been paying attention to what's happening in the world, you're most likely perplexed at how all the "turmoil" could jive with a rising stock market.


How could that be?


Well, for starters, the stock market is an ever optimistic place.  Always looking ahead to brighter and more profitable days.


Even in the face of multiple world wars, global unrest, plagues, pandemics, 9/11, great recession 2007-2009, oil shocks, etc, the market has always found its way back.


Why would today be any different?  It wouldn't, and it's not. 

I agree, it's hard to reconcile our perception of tough times with a rising stock market.  It doesn't make sense.

But, with central banks around the world lowering interest rates and pumping trillions of dollars into the financial systems - basically back-stopping everything - there's only one way for the stock market to go - up!

If you think about it, the stock market is the only place where you can get any kind of return on your money.  So why not go along for the ride?


The last 12 years have been incredible for brokerage accounts, 401K accounts, and IRA accounts.  Have you been onboard?


We have, but we've been using options contracts to magnify those gains.


So, as you've come to this website, it's probably for a few reasons:  

  • You're not satisfied with your current trading results. 

  • You're looking for a new spark.

  • You're tired of hearing about the advantages that Wall Street insiders have over the little guy.

  • You're just looking for more information. 

If any of those statements strikes a chord with you, then you've come to the right place.


Trading stock options can definitely be your answer!


"I'm tired of losing money buying options"

"I can't figure out the best option to trade"

"How do I pick the best strike price and expiration month?"

"How do I open an option trading account?"


Those are the phrases that market veteran and Smart Option Seller founder Lee Lowell had heard over and over again from his friends, family, colleagues, and readers about their confusion and lack of success when investing in call and put option contracts.

And it was that source of frustration that lead him to create The Smart Option Seller website and newsletter in 2017 as the go-to space for learning about and profiting from the exciting world of option trading, specifically, option-selling.


But Lee took it one step further - as his goal was to focus on the specific strategy of put-option selling.


What is put-option selling?

Put-option selling is one of the most fantastic, under-the-radar, and best-kept Wall Street secrets on how to make more money in the stock market.  And it's a strategy that can be used to help solve all the questions and frustrations listed above - same as the ones you might have.

How do we know?  Lee's been doing it successfully for 30 years!

Who can benefit from selling put options?  


To some, put-option selling might be old news, but to others, it can be a fascinating and eye-opening new way to increase the size of your portfolio.


Lee even got his 81-year old father to sell put options.  If he can do it, you can do it! 

For those who are new, put-option selling is an easy, safe, and conservative way to make money in the stock market.


If you have been frustrated with buying stocks that don't move in your favor, or are upset with the super low yields on fixed income securities, or are even sick of losing money using "other" unsuccessful option strategies, then selling put options can be the answer.


You see, in the options market there are only two types - call options and put options.


And there's only two types of players - option buyers and option sellers.


Lee has narrowed down the multitude of option strategies to just a tiny handful of them, and his highest probability plays can be attributed to these two factors:


1.  Option selling (versus option buying)

2.  Selling put options (versus buying put options)


That's it!

Lee has said, "I share in the frustration with my readers who have a hard time making money by buying options.  I was once in their shoes because as a new option trader, you typically only learn about the buying side of the transaction.  Yes, the allure of unlimited profits is appealing, but the chances of making those profits is extremely slim if you don't know how to pick the correct trades. 

Over time, and through lots of experience, I came to know and understand the power, and the high win probability, that came from smart option selling.  This is what I want to convey to my readers, and help them achieve profits through the best use of option-selling tactics."

Making money in the markets doesn't have to be complicated and it doesn't require sophisticated software or expensive models.

Having a personal guide to help you navigate this incredible type of options trading is the next step.  Let Lee Lowell show you how.

He'll teach you about a fascinating way to infuse your portfolio with a new source of income. 

The very first thing you should do is to grab a copy of Lee's FREE "Put-Selling Basics" e-book, which breaks down the put-option selling strategy and how it can guide you on the path to financial success.

It's a simple read which will pull back the curtain on an extremely high probability and profitable way to trade. 

But first, how does put-selling work?

Selling put options is an incredibly easy process, and cash is deposited right into your trading account. 


Why would cash be deposited into your trading account?


Because you're providing a service for other market participants.


What kind of service? 


You're allowing them to sell you a stock of your choosing at a price of your choosing.   And because of that, they will pay you.  It's amazing!

Please understand - you name the price of any stock you want to buy and other participants will pay you cash upfront.  Yes, other people actually pay you to buy a stock. 

It's the reason why we say, "Let's Grab That Cash"! 

Remember when you could name your price for an airline ticket at  If your bid was accepted, you got to fly for the price you wanted.

It's the same when selling put options.  You can name the price of the stock you want to buy, and if a participant likes your bid, you'll receive an upfront cash payment.

Now, whether or not you actually buy the stock will depend on a few factors, but regardless of that outcome, you will always receive the cash payment.

Sound intriguing?

Here's what just a few of Lee's readers had to say about selling put options and collecting the cash:

Another great trade today, Lee - thank you! Sold 50 of the GSK contracts @ $.29, for a total of $1,412, after commissions. YTD check: so far I've sold recommended puts for a total of $15,353 and, with only six positions still open, have bought back puts for $2,049 -- for a total YTD profit of $13,304 (all totals include commissions). Every position a winner. These are outstanding results for which I cannot thank you enough! Dave M.


Thanks for another great year. I have been with you since day 1. This year I made $59,000 with 5 positions still open. - F.X.T.


Long time client going back to the Instant Money Trader days. I have made $35k to $45k a year from your services. - Frank T.

It's incredible!  And we bet you've probably never heard about, or thought about, selling put options.


Lee has customers receiving tens of thousands of dollars just for the opportunity to buy high quality stocks at very attractive prices.  


How do we know?  In addition to the comments above, they write to him all the time.  See the Testimonials


They are paying bills, buying new cars, taking great trips and building a diversified portfolio of quality stocks.

THANK YOU! Just booked a week in Antigua Sandals thanks to you. LOVE UR Service. - Albert P.


You can do the same!

If you've been looking for that go-to trading strategy that finally gives you the profits that you've been seeking, then it's in your best interests to learn how to sell put options successfully. 

When selling put options, you receive the cash upfront and immediately.  And the best part?  There's a steady stream of people ready, willing, and able to pay you.  


Are you still having trouble with your current trading results?  Are you just treading water?  Having a tough time figuring out how to "beat" the market?


If so, then you need to consider put-option selling.  

How can you get started?

You can listen to Lee right here on the Cashflow Ninja podcast where he discusses his best tips on put-option selling.  Just click on the picture below. 










Also, don't forget to download Lee's free "Put-Selling Basics" e-book.  It will give you crystal clear insight and a how-to on this incredible strategy.  Lee makes it easy to understand so you can be up and running in no time.

And when you're ready to go to the next level, you can sign up for Lee's current newsletter - The Smart Option Seller - right here.


More details...


If you're looking to buy a quality stock like Apple (or any stock of your choosing) but not at its current price (because it's a bit too expensive), what can you do?  Sell a put option!  Why?  Because it can offer an opportunity to buy Apple at a discount from its current price, sometimes up to 50% off.  And the best part?  Someone will pay you cash to do it!



Because they want an assurance that someone will buy the stock from them if Apple falls in price.  And they'll pay you for your promise.  You're offering them insurance on their asset, just like an insurance company.  This is the "service" that we mentioned above.


The best part?  Most of the time the stock doesn't fall far enough for the buyer to invoke the "insurance policy" from you, and you get to keep the premium.  Think about all the monthly premiums that insurance companies keep each year without having to pay a claim.  They make millions (and billions) just for that service.  Selling put options works the same way.

Now, if the stock does fall far enough, then you get to buy Apple (or any stock of your choice) at your  discounted price.  50% off in this case.  And, you get to keep the upfront premium payment to boot.  It's amazing!

Not many people know about this strategy.  But Lee's readers do, and they're making tons of cash in the process.


The list of stocks to sell put options on is almost endless and too good to be true!  

Selling puts can add an element to your investing portfolio that you never knew existed.


Again, is your current trading method not performing the way you like?

Have you been buying stocks at the wrong time only to see them decline in price?  Have you been buying options only to see them expire worthless time and time again?  Lee's not a fan of option buying (the way most people do), that's why he's such a big proponent of option selling.  He wants to help you become a

Smart Option Seller!  

If you haven't tried selling put options yet, then you're definitely missing out on a great way to earn more income.  

It's Lee's mission to show you how.

Whether you know nothing about selling puts, are curious about how to sell puts, want more information about put option selling, Lee will show you everything there is to know about accessing these upfront cash payments.  The Smart Option Seller website is all you need.

Everything is right here!

To get started, sign up for Lee's free Put-Selling Basics ebook to see how it all works, and then go to the Services page to learn more about Lee's put-option selling newsletters and coaching sessions.

Your profits are waiting for you!

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