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Taking Some Profits

Profit Time! Hello Smart Option Sellers! Interesting times indeed. Volatility is certainly at play, as we're seeing big swings in the market in both directions. It may seem scary watching the market drop so quickly, but then people come to their senses and power the market back up. It's a struggle right now, especially when news such as Trump's Economic advisor Gary Cohn jumps ship. Does him leaving the White House really affect each individual company and their potential earnings moving forward? In the long-run, probably not. But in the short-run, it can scare investors as they may have thought of Cohn as somewhat of a stabilizer in Trump's inner circle. Anyway, the market is selling off today so it could bring more put-selling opportunities for us. But for now, we're going to close out a position and lock in our gains. Here's what you can choose to do: Note: If you have this put-sell position in your account, then you will execute the buy-back order today. If you don't have the position, then you can disregard these instructions. Buy back (buy-to-close) all of your AA April 2018 $29 put options for a limit buy price of $.05 per contract, GTC, as a closing transaction (buy-to-close). Currently, this put option is offered at $.05 per contract, so we should be able to get the trade done. Get those orders in now and I will go over the results tomorrow. That's all for now. Continue to contact me here Regards,

Lee Let's Grab That Cash!

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