New Trade And Dollar General Update

Unofficial Trade Update

Hello Smart Option Sellers! Dollar General (DG) Much ado about nothing. Unfortunately. DG released earnings this morning, and at first look, all the numbers seemed real positive. I thought we'd see a pretty good jump. In pre-market trading (you can trade before the market opens) DG stocked traded as high as $77.11 per share. As we moved closer to the regular opening, the stock started to sell off and opened with practically no change - the worst-case scenario that I mentioned yesterday. If you're looking to play an earnings bet, the last thing you want is no movement. You need a big jump. So far this morning in the regular session, the stock has traded in a range of $71 on the low to $75 on the high. That's not enough in either direction to give a profit on the strangle. My suggestion to anyone who bought in - might as well hold until tomorrow to see if the stock makes a surprise move in either direction. As of now, both the call options and put options that were part of the trade are worth pennies at best, if at all. In order to make a profit using the strike prices given in yesterday's alert, the stock has to trade either above $7